Ability Keywords


Abilities with the keyword Immune cannot be affected by a certain status effect. This is described per Move. Immune Abilities are usually Constant.

Last Chance

Abilities with the keyword Last Chance trigger when the Pokemon’s HP has been lowered to 1/3 of their full HP or less. When activated, one elemental Type, defined per Ability, receives a boost for Moves performed by the Pokemon with the Last Chance Ability. All Moves that are the Type defined in the Ability receive an additional STAB when dealing damage (If a Pokemon’s STAB is 4, the attack will deal 4 STAB + 4 more for the Last Chance Ability).


The Ability with the Keyword Pickup is Pickup. When Pickup is used, you might find an item on the ground. The GM decides what the item is; the roll determines what kind of items it is.

Roll Item Type Other
1-5 None You find nothing
6-8 Battle Enhancers One X Attack, or X Defense, Etc.
9-10 Berries Any Random Berry
11-12 Poke Ball Any Random Poke Ball
13-16 Status/Healing Any Random Status healing item or HP healing item
17 Evolutionary Stones Any Random Evolutionary Stone
18 Performance Enhancers Any Random Vitamin
19 Hold Item Any Random Hold Item
20 TM Any Random TM


Abilities with the keyword Sustain have their effects last as long as the user wants them to. Usually the Pokemon must remain out to Sustain the Ability. The requirements of Sustaining an effect, if any, are defined per Ability.

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