Apricorns And Aprijuice


Apricorns can be used to make Aprijuice or Apricorn Poke Balls. Finding a Smith to make them isn’t always easy. It’s usually simpler to just buy the Poke Balls in stores.

Apricorn Type Poke Ball Apricorn Type Poke Ball
Red Apricorns Level Ball Pink Apricorns Love Ball
Yellow Apricorns Moon Ball White Apricorns Fast Ball
Blue Apricorns Lure Ball Black Apricorns Heavy Ball
Green Apricorns Friend Ball


Aprijuice, made from Apricorns, is a drink for Pokemon that temporarily increases the Capabilities of a Pokemon. The price of Aprijuice depends on how well the Aprijuice is made, which is the quality of the Aprijuice, and the color of the Aprijuice, which depends on which Apricorns you use. Different colors of Aprijuice influence different Capabilities.

When you blend Apricorns into Aprijuice, roll 1d4 then add 1 for each Apricorn you mixed into the drink, up to 3. Add an additional 1 point to the value for each Apricorn in the Aprijuice that matches the final Color of the Aprijuice. You may not add more then 3 Apricorns into the mix. After tallying all of these points, you’ll have the value of the Aprijuice. The Arijuice’s color depends on what kind of flavors you put into the drink. Whatever flavor you put the most of in the Aprijuice, is the type of the Aprijuice. If there is an equal amount of flavor in the drink, choose 1 flavor; the Aprijuice will be that flavor.

When you give Aprijuice to a Pokemon, they will add a varying value of the Aprijuice to the pokemon’s related Capability for X days, where X is the value of the Aprijuice. A Pokemon may not benefit from the effects of more than 3 Aprijuices at a time. The Power, Intelligence and Jump Capabilities may not be raised above the usual cap. You may not stack the effects of multiple Aprijuices of the same color on the same Pokemon. Meaning, a Pokemon cannot gain an additional 4 Overland with two Pink Aprijuices that each give them +2.

Here is a list of Colors, Capabilities and the flavors associated with Aprijuice:

Apricorns Type Shake Color Capabilities Increased Flavor Increase per Value
PinkApricorns Pink Overland/Surface Sweet 1 per 2 points of Value
Blue Apricorns Blue Burrow/Sky/Underwater Dry 1 per 2 points of Value
Yellow Apricorns Yellow Power Sour 1 per 4 points of Value
Green Apricorns Green Intelligence Bitter 1 per 4 points of Value
Red Apricorns Red Jump Spicy 1 per 4 points of Value
White Apricorns Flavor Dampener If added to Aprijuice, no matter what the final flavor is, it will not be disliked by the Pokemon drinking it.
Black Apricorns Flavor Enhancer If added to Aprijuice, choose another Apricorn in the mix; for the purposes of finding the value of the Aprijuice, the Black Apricorn becomes a copy of the chosen Apricorn.

- Aprijuice made only of White or Black Apricorns give no bonuses to Pokemon.

This means that certain types of Aprijuice will be inherently disliked by your Pokemon based on their Natures. This does not affect the effectiveness of the Aprijuice, but it’s something to think about while asking your Pokemon to drink something that it dislikes.

Aprijuice made this way should conventionally only have a value up to 10; adding 5 to a Capability for 10 days with Pink and Blue Shakes or adding 2 to a Capability for 10 days with Yellow, Green or Red
Shakes. Some Features can increase this value further.

Aprijuice’s price depends on its value, marked after the item with VX, where X is the value of the Aprijuice. Usually, Aprijuice is priced 150 per point value. A Pink Aprijuice V10 would cost 1500, a Blue Aprijuice V4 would cost 600, and a Green Aprijuce V8 would cost 1200.

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