Arms Features

About Arms Features

Arms Features employ weapons to attack pokemon or other Trainers. These features are to be used when a GM allows Trainers to openly bear weapons in the campaign they are running. However, Arms User and Weapon of Choice can affect "Unarmed" combat, which is always defined as attacks made with no material weapons.

The Weapons themselves are handled abstractly. The only mechanical difference between weapons deals with MELEE, SHORT-RANGE, and LONG-RANGE weapons. Unless affected by a Class Feature, Arms Features always deal Physical Damage, and Normal-Type Damage. The damage dealt is determined by your Arms User or Weapon of Choice Features, and possibly modified by the weapon itself.

  • Melee Weapons have a range of 1 Meter.
  • Short Range Weapons, which include "Thrown" weapons, have a range of 1 to 5 meters. If attacking a target within melee range, Throwing Weapons deal damage at -1 Damage Base.
  • Long Range Weapons have a range of 10 Meters, but have a minimum range of 4 Meters.

Damage Bases

Damage Base 1 1d10+4
Damage Base 2 1d12+6
Damage Base 3 2d8+6
Damage Base 4 2d10+8
Damage Base 5 3d8+10
Damage Base 6 3d10+12
Damage Base 7 3d12+14
Damage Base 8 4d12+16

Arms Features


Arms User
Prerequisite: Gifted - EVERYONE
Effect: Your AC check for Arms attacks is AC6. Whenever you deal damage with an ARMS FEATURE, add the highest of your STR, DEX, or CON modifiers to the damage dealt.

Whenever you use an Arms feature, you deal [Damage Base 1] damage.
If you are level 10 or higher, you deal [Damage Base 2] damage instead.
If you are level 15 or higher, you deal [Damage Base 3] damage instead.


Weapon of Choice
Prerequisite: Trainer
Effect: Choose a specific weapon type such as 'longsword', 'unarmed', or 'slingshot'. This becomes your "Weapon of Choice". You may take Weapon of Choice multiple times, each time choosing a new weapon.
When using your Weapon of Choice, your AC check for Arms Features is AC4, and you deal [Damage Base 2] damage.
If you are level 10 or higher, you deal [Damage Base 4] damage instead.
If you are level 15 or higher, you deal [Damage Base 6] damage instead.


  • Though Pokeballs may be used as part of an Arms Attack, Pokeballs essentially count as a Weapon and not a Pokeball when used in this way. This means you cannot trigger or benefit from any features that rely on a Pokeball being thrown when using them as Arms Features, and you cannot make a Capture Roll after throwing a Pokeball as an Arms Feature.
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