Basic Items

Healing/Restorative Items

Most of these items are almost always available for sale at Poke Marts. They are essential equipments that adventuring Trainers want to have access to while they are out on the road, far from any
Pokemon Centers.

Pokemon who are fainted (below 0 HP), may only be immediately revived by specific items such as “Revive” or by a Trainer Feature that applies enough healing to bring it above 0 HP. Potions and other healing items bring a Pokemon above 0 HP, but not make it regain consciousness until 10 minutes after it received the healing that brought it above 0 HP.

It is a Trainer Action to use a Healing/Restoration Item on a allied Pokemon, and the allied Pokemon that is targeted cannot Shift, use Moves, or activate Abilities during that round of combat. When using a Healing/Restoartion Item on yourself, it still takes a Trainer Action to apply the item, you may not Shift or Issue Commands, on a turn that you use a Healing/Restoration Item on yourself.

Healing another Trainer uses the healing Trainer’s, Trainer Action and the Trainer being healed loses their next Shift Action that round. A Trainer may refuse healing from an item. Trainer Class Features that heal are not restricted by this, and only use up the appropriate action of the healer.

Potions/Status Affliction Curatives

Potions are a useful way for Trainers to keep their Pokemon in fighting shape without needing to return to a pokemon center every single time they run into an angry wild pokemon. Potions are sold in small, one time use spray bottles that when sprayed on a pokemon, sterilize and heal wounds. Potions are meant for Pokemon use. When used on humans, it will sterilize or stabilize a wound, but it cannot repair damaged tissue and seal wounds. If the entire bottle of Potion isn’t used, it cannot take effect on the pokemon. Be careful with “Repulsive” medicines! They decrease a Pokemon’s loyalty with repeated use.

Item Effect Cost
Potion Heals 2d12+10 HP 200
Super Potion Heals 3d12+20 HP 350
Hyper Potion Heals 4d12+30 HP 450
MooMoo Milk Heals 8d6+25 HP 400
Max Potion Heals a Pokemon to their Max HP 800
Antidote Cures Poison 200
Paralyze Heal Cures Paralysis 200
Awakening Cures Sleep 200
Burn Heal Cures Burns 200
Ice Heal Cures Freezing 200
Full Heal Cures all Status Afflictions 450
Full Restore Heals a Pokemon to their Max HP and cures any Status Afflictions 1250
Revive Revives fainted Pokemon and sets to 20 HP 300
Ether Restores a Battle or Center Frequency Move for another use. 350
Elixir Restores all Battle and Center Frequency Moves for more uses. 750
Energy Powder Heals 4d10+15 HP - Repulsive 300
Energy Root Heals 4d20+30 HP - Repulsive 450
Heal Powder Cure all status effects - Repulsive 350
Revival Herb Revives Pokemon and sets to 10 HP - Repulsive 200
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