Berries, or fruits, cover the Pokemon world’s trees and brush with flavorful food, tasty to humans and useful to pokemon. Berries may be consumed, or held to be consumed during battle as a free action. Tastes correspond to the different types of Contests in the pokemon world. Spicy foods are for Cool contests; Sour for Tough; Dry for Beauty; Bitter for Smart; Sweet for Cute. Berries can be mixed into bready Poffin cakes, or candy-like Pokeblocks. For the purposes of increasing your Pokemon’s Contest Stats, Poffins and Pokeblocks are identical.

In the following images, the Berrydex details each berry’s number, name, flavor and any special effects the berry naturally has upon eating it. In addition, there is a suggested price value next the picture of each berry- however it should be noted that berries with special effects are not commonly sold in stores. Contest halls, should have specialty stores with berries but are normally more generously priced.

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