Game Master's Guide

Hello Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures Game Masters!

At the moment, this is blank. As we nearly conclude copying most the Player's Hand Book to this wiki, one thing we'd like to do with the move to the wiki is to revamp everything the PDF for the GM Guide touched on with new articles from the people who have personally GM'd this game since it's inception!

This Guide will have a bunch of charts that you’ll need for Pokemon that Trainers are not allowed to know off the top of their head. You will have to share certain information with them when they capture Pokemon, or you might need to keep track of every Pokemon’s Capture Rate to see of a player’s Poke Ball roll was successful. It’s all in here! If you have a Mystic in among your players, he or she might need to personally know Capture Rates for their Pokemon to know if they succeeded Channeling or Possessing them.

Let’s go!


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