How To Read Abilities

An Ability is something a Pokemon is born with. Some Abilities are something they can’t turn off, and constantly follow them good or bad. Some of the Abilities naturally activate, under certain circumstances. Some Abilities require focus to execute; they release effects that give them and upper hand.

Abilities have a Name, a Description, an Activation, a Limit, and Effects, some Effects utilize Keywords.

It’s ordered as such:

Activation – Limit
Effect: Keywords
Overworld - Limit

The Name is what the Ability is called. This is useful for keeping track of what Ability your pokemon has.

The Description is a little write up that lets you know what it is your pokemon does with its Ability.

The Activation is how the Ability is used. If the Activation is Constant, the pokemon cannot disable their ability, which normally means they have no Limit on their Ability. If the Activation is a Trigger, they can only use their Ability under certain circumstances described per move; some Triggered Abilities have Limits. An Ability with the Cast Activation must be declared to use its benefits; usually Casts have Limits and can be Activated instantly.

Limits limit how often you can benefit from an Ability. Each Limit is detailed per move.

The Effect details what the Ability does. Sometimes, a Keyword is placed on the Effect line, to easily describe the Ability without jumbling up the rest of the Ability text. Some Ability Keywords derive from Move Keywords.

The Overworld Capabilities describe what the benefits, if any, are to the pokemon outside of an encounter. Overworld Abilities may or may not have limits. If an Ability does not have an Overworld effect, the Ability will not have this section.

At level 40, a Pokemon can learn a second Ability if you would like it to.
You may choose this second Ability from its Basic Abilities or High Abilities.

You can never have more then three Abilities on a Pokemon at any given time!

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