Legendary Capabilities

The following section lists a few Capabilities unique to various Legendary Pokemon.


Some legendary Pokemon can change their form into a human like body that retains their power but would fool anyone who does not know of the Pokemon’s disguise. In this human form, they may retain all Capabilities, Abilities and Moves.

Blank Slate

If a Trainer looks into Uxie’s eyes, their Intelligence and Wisdom will be set to 0, permanently. Uxie’s eyes are usually shut. Uxie may open its eyes on a roll of 20 on 1d20 once every month.


Arceus cannot lose HP until it has been dealt 1,000 points of damage in less then one hour.


The Extinguisher can calm an erupting volcano by making a check of 20 or higher on 2d20, every hour. Once calmed, the Extinguisher can settle it, so as to not let it erupt for at least 1d4 years, or the Extinguisher can release a dormant volcano with the same roll, letting it erupt again.


A Pokemon with Impenetrable has an unbreakable barrier around their skin. It subtracts an additional 40 damage from all Moves that hit them. Impenetrable cacn be altered further to have even more resistance to harm, or less.


Mewtwo can have complete control of up to 10 Pokemon or Trainers as any given time. Those who Mewtwo controls have the title Mindslave. Once per day; a role of 39 or better, adding any one Modifier, on 2d20 will free a Mindslave. In order to give a target the Mindslave title, Mewtwo must make a Melee attack in place of a Move and roll 9 or better on 1d20. Mindslaves can be controlled from any distance from Mewtwo once they are Mindslaves. Mewtwo can experience everything a Mindslave does no matter how far away the Mindslave is from Mewtwo.


Deoxys may change into its different forms at will. Prepare stats for its four forms if you intend to use a Deoxys.

Origin Forme

Giratina is in its Origin Forme when in the Reverse World or when it holds part of Reverse World with in, outside of the Reverse World. Otherwise, Giratina changes into its Altered Forme.

Realm Ruler

Realm Rulers own their own space in reality where they rule as a god. It is a separate realm of existence that is incredibly difficult to reach. Arceus is the ruler of the God Realm. Dialga is the ruler of the Realm of Time. Giratina is the ruler of the Reverse World. Palkia is the ruler of the Realm of Space. It is possible for very powerful Legendaries to have other realms as well.

Sky Forme

Shaymin can transform into its Sky Form in sunlight when it has Gracidea, a rare type of flower, nearby. Shaymin will be forced to revert into its normal form if it is hit by an Ice Type Move, if it touches ice or if the sun is no longer shining.


If a Trainer harms Azelf by using a Feature or making a Trainer Attack, each one of their Stats will be lowered 1 point, each week, permanently. Once a Trainer’s Constitution stat is 0, the Trainer’s body will harden into a brittle, rock statue.

Time Traveler

A Time Traveler can go back and forth through time. Usually, Time Travelers will need an anchor point to return to, when leaving a particular moment in Time that could be considered their ‘real place in time.’ A Time Traveler can also stop time for anyone other then themselves, EOT, for up to 1d4 minutes.

Void Heart

If a Trainer willingly touches Mespirit, their Wisdom and Charisma will be lowered 4 points each, permanently. They cannot feel emotionally, permanently. Mespirit tends to avoid humans and if Mespirit touches a person it does not have the same effect as if a person touches Mespirit.

Wish Granter

Jirachi has three tags on its body, which will grant any wish that is written on them. Only one wish will be granted per tag. A wish on a tag will remain on the tag for 1d100 + 50 years, at which point the written wish will fade. If the wish alters reality in any way, it is possible that the wish will have very bad repercussions and on rare occasions it is possible the wish will not be granted.

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