Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are incredibly powerful Pokemon who are incredibly rare. The difference in rarity may differ, for example an Articuno, which usually will have at least one per major body of land, can be found more then once while Palkia and Dialga, the rulers of Time and Space, are found only once as they are the sole Pokemon who has majority dominion over Time and Space. It is unlikely that you meet more then one to three Legendary Pokemon during a campaign unless your campagin is specifically about them.

For this reason, Players should not proceed past this section unless they are instructed to do so by their GM. The other reason for this is because the following entries are merely suggestions as to the power level of each Legendary Pokemon if they are even able to be captured in the campaign you are playing. It is entirely possible that a captured Legendary Pokemon has completely different, unique-to-your-campaign Capabilities, Abilities or Moves (perhaps an un-explainable immunity to Poke Balls, for example). Furthermore, seeking out such Pokemon may be detrimental to your campaign and shouldn’t be a main goal as knowledge concerning most of the Legendary Pokemon isn’t incredibly public or well known, most people might not even believe in them.

Legendary Pokemon have signature Moves. They are marked by italics in this wiki. These Moves are not always unique to the Legendary, but are used often, as a favorite, or the Legendary.

Legendary Capabilities

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