When you catch a Pokemon, your GM will provide the Pokemon’s Nature. Add stats accordingly up to whatever level it is. When your Pokemon evolves, reset its Base Stats and add stats up to whatever level it is.

IMPORTANT: When a Nature adds to or takes from the Base Stats in the HP category, the HP Base Stat is only changed by 1 point. This means that Desperate, Stark, Bashful, Sickly and Serious only take away 1 point in the HP Base Stat. In addition to that; Hardy, Docile, Proud, Quirky and Lazy only add 1 point in the HP Base Stat.

Value Nature Raise Lower Liked Flavor Disliked Flavor
1 Hardy HP Attack None Spicy
2 Docile HP Defense None Sour
3 Proud HP Special Atk. None Dry
4 Quirky HP Special Def. None Bitter
5 Lazy HP Speed None Sweet
6 Desperate Attack HP Spicy None
7 Lonely Attack Defense Spicy Sour
8 Adamant Attack Special Atk. Spicy Dry
9 Naughty Attack Special Def. Spicy Bitter
10 Brave Attack Speed Spicy Sweet
11 Stark Defense HP Sour None
12 Bold Defense Attack Sour Spicy
13 Impish Defense Special Atk. Sour Dry
14 Lax Defense Special Def. Sour Bitter
15 Relaxed Defense Speed Sour Sweet
16 Bashful Special Atk. HP Dry None
17 Modest Special Atk. Attack Dry Spicy
18 Mild Special Atk. Defense Dry Sour
19 Rash Special Atk. Special Def. Dry Bitter
20 Quiet Special Atk. Speed Dry Sweet
21 Sickly Special Def. HP Bitter None
22 Calm Special Def. Attack Bitter Spicy
23 Gentle Special Def. Defense Bitter Sour
24 Careful Special Def. Special Atk. Bitter Dry
25 Sassy Special Def. Speed Bitter Sweet
26 Serious Speed HP Sweet None
27 Timid Speed Attack Sweet Spicy
28 Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour
29 Jolly Speed Special Atk. Sweet Dry
30 Naive Speed Special Def. Sweet Bitter
31 Composed None None None None
32 Dull None None None None
33 Patient None None None None
34 Poised None None None None
35 Stoic None None None None
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