You’ll need to know how to manage your Pokemon! The next few pages detail what you need to know to use the Pokemon character sheet provided at the end of the Player’s Handbook. Note that you should always round down unless otherwise specified.

Also, remember to name your Pokemon! If you call your Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur, it’d be no different from your parents giving you the name, Human. Bulbasuar is an example of the Pokemon’s Species, not it’s name. Keep track of your Pokemon’s Level with experience points or EXP. It’s important to keep track of EXP so you know when your Pokemon learns new moves. The Pokemon’s Type is relevant to know when you Pokemon is weak or resistant against a particular Type of Moves.

Managing Your Pokemon

The following pages contain basic rules which should be understood by all PTA players.

Misc. Rules

The following pages have more specific rules that may be optional or only relevant under specific circumstances.

About Pokemon

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