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This wiki is dedicated to bringing you all the information you'll need to play Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, a d20-system roleplaying game designed to let you experience the world of pokemon. Click on the links within the sidebar to your left to see information on various topics. If you're a little lost about all this, click here to get started!

Hey, everyone! My name's Kuji, and I'm the editor of this here wiki. Though I'm not a dev, I run around like one. Anyways, some pages will have notes by me, either because the community wanted them or I got tired of answering some questions. My notes will ALWAYS have Kuji's Note in bold, and will be in a box with a different color (same one as this box). This is to designate that this is unofficial conjecture, and it is to help people know their way around.

If you have any questions for the PTA community, or just want to drop a suggestion on what I should write a note on, let us know here!


  • 03/23/13 - All Pokemon have now been added to the wiki!
  • 12/19/12 - Wiki updated to 1.34!
  • 10/11/12 - Secret Power is now correctly Physical
  • 10/05/12 - Flatter is now AC2
  • 07/08/12 - 'X' series of items added.
  • 05/25/12 - Possession Mechanic for Shamans revised.
  • 05/23/12 - Evasion rules for Pokemon have been updated. Item section now matches the PDF for 1.3, and Move Tutor, Medic and Massage Therapist have seen revision.
  • 05/04/12 - Technician has been updated.
  • 05/02/12 - Several classes saw feat costs and qualifications adjusted! New item prices for TM's and HM's, Vitamins, Healing Items and Evolution Stones have been posted! Along with this, Scientist now has a new feat to make permanent stat lowering items, replacing their Energy Brewing Features. The X-Stat items will be posted later.
  • 04/30/12 - Unaware fixed
  • 04/25/12 - Chaser's Finish Them! feats have seen adjustment, Chef's Bait slightly adjusted, Buffet many feats have recieved an alternative prereq, and Ninja has seen serious revision.
  • 04/24/12 - Special Operations Member has been updated. Many Features have now been marked with a new designation - EX, or Extended Action.
  • 04/24/12 - The Coat Keyword's effect has been reworded for clarity. Superpower, Lock-On, Mind Reader, Focus Energy, Head Charge, Strength and Tag In have been updated.
  • 04/23/12 - The Column Keyword's effect has been reworded for clarity.
  • 04/22/12 - Tinted Lens has been updated. Heavy Slam has been updated.
  • 04/20/12 - Final Gambit has been changed to a Special Move. To clarify, this means that its accuracy check is modified by Special Defense, but otherwise does not change the function of Final Gambit.
  • 04/16/12 - Several moves have been updated, including Snarl, Mud Slap, Struggle Bug, and Smack Down.
  • 04/10/12 - Bring Him Down in Survivalist has been updated.
  • 04/09/12 - The Abilities Huge Power and Pure Power have been updated.
  • 04/05/12 - Fashion Designer have been changed to be based on Charisma.
  • 04/01/12 - Resolving quite a few wording issues with moves, resolved a typo in Earth Shaker.
  • 03/18/12 - Petrologist's Good Doctor has been updated, and Elemental Traps has been clarified. Reanimated Eggs now hatch as normal eggs. Bodysnatcher has lost Like A Book and Here In Spirit, and gained Morphic Control and Resonance.
  • 03/13/12 - Photo Tutor has been updated, and a new feature has been added to Photographer - Tutor Mastery. Underdog's Everstone Perfection now creates Eviolites. Eviolites have replaced Light Items in the Held Item list.
  • 03/11/12 - Juggler has been re-vamped, and moved to Capture Specialist! Curve Ball has been updated. Arms Features now have a Short-Range and Long-Range category. Along with this, Investor has been replaced by Choreographer, Rider has seen revision, and we welcome the new Martial Artist class to replace Juggler, the Athlete!
  • 03/08/12 - Engineer's Rock Smash feat removed for a new Pokeball Traps feat.
  • 03/08/12 - Held Items and Healing Items have been updated.
  • 03/03/12 - The Experience Chart has been updated to better curve the gain of experience from levels 1-50. Please note that this change does create the potential for Pokemon to lose levels, instead of just having players lower the level of their Pokemon when implementing this particular update, it might be more in your favor to do something along the lines of the following: If this new experience curve would cause a Pokemon to level up, level it up. If it would cause one to level down, keep it at its current level, but don't level it up again until it meets it's new required amount of experience to gain a level. If a Pokemon was freshly caught at a level and not used yet, just adjust it's total experience for what it should be at its level.
  • 03/02/12 - Added a "Once Per Trigger" rule to features, and added Weapon of Choice as a Prerequisite to Weapon Master
  • 02/29/12 - Abilities have been fully uploaded! Please note many of them have seen adjustment.
  • 02/27/12 - Cross-classing options have been uploaded! Please note that CCing now grants you both starting Features of a class rather than just one. You still lose the stat bonus, however.
  • 02/26/12 - Updated Combat Page; a few changes have been made, please read carefully.
  • 02/26/12 - Detective, Collector and Tag Battler revised.
  • 02/26/12 - Weapon Master's Power Attack updated. Empath's Wish updated.
  • 02/25/12 - Mystic may now use STR to Channel.
  • 02/22/12 - Artificer was updated on 02/21/12, forgot to put on the change log.
  • 02/22/12 - Minor update to Style and Poise in Coordinator
  • 02/21/12 - Groomer Revamped! Apricorn Smith has been merged into Pokeball Designer. Fashion Designer has been updated! Petrologist has been updated!
  • 02/19/12 - Contest Revamp Released! Coordinator classes updated. Fashion Designer is still under revision, and a replacement to Investor is coming soon.
  • 02/18/12 - Aura User has been updated.
  • 02/17/12 - Type Ace and Trapper have been updated.
  • 02/17/12 - Arms Features revamped. Weapon Master revamped, Engineer, Black Belt, Dirty Fighter, Massage Therapist, and Survivalist updated.
  • 02/13/12 - Commander, Guardian, Photographer, and Rune Master received slight updates to Feature prerequisites.
  • 02/13/12 - Bonemerang, Smackdown, and Dual Chop updated.
  • 02/06/12 - Mystic updated. Hatcher and Capture Specialist have been revamped.
  • 02/04/12 - All moves have now been uploaded - complete damage revamp along with some other changes!
  • 02/03/12 - Researcher, Photographer, Watcher revamped. Professor had a minor update.
  • 01/30/12 - Captain removed, replaced with Commander. Special Operations Member updated.
  • 01/29/12 - Ranger updated, the move Assurance updated.
  • 01/23/12 - Chef and Rune Master have been updated.
  • 01/13/12 - Breeder has been updated.
  • 01/10/12 - Ace Trainer has been updated. Positive Press has been updated.
  • 01/05/12 - Everstone Perfection has been updated. Light Items have been updated.
  • 01/02/12 - Chaser has been updated.
  • 12/30/11 - Press On+ & Boundless Endurance in Enduring Soul have been updated
  • 12/29/11 - The Wiki is up! Much information yet to come.

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