Trainer Items

Not all items are just for Pokemon. These are some items and suggested prices for Trainer healing and other useful items a Trainer might want to pick up at a Poke Mart. Don’t forget to eat! Eating is important. Without at least two meals a day, a Trainer might start to feel very fatigued which might give a GM a reason to start penalizing your rolls.

Trainer Recovery Drinks

These special drinks will invigorate Trainers and give them the strength to carry on. They cannot mend a broken arm or cure blindness, but stabilizing Trainer on the way to a city hospital is always a good idea. These are specially made drinks- not any old bottle of water will do what Enriched Water does!

Name Effect Cost
Enriched Water Heals 30 HP. 300
Super Soda Pop Heals 45 HP. 400
Sparkling Lemonade Heals 60 HP. 500
Lumlum Juice Cures all Status Afflictions. 350

General Items

Usually available in most Poke Marts are these kinds of camping supplies which are very useful for a Trainer on the road. I’m sure there’s more, but you’d have to ask your GM for specifics.

Name Effect Cost
Field First Aid Kit After 10 minutes of use, a Trainer with at least 14 Intelligence or 14 Wisdom can stabalize another Trainer. This will bring any Trainer below 0% HP to 1HP. They will not be conscious. 650
Trainer’s Road Kit Backpack, Bedroll, Tent-1x1m, Poke Ball belt, Solar-Rechargeable Flashlight, Tarp-2x2m (Backpack with everything inside is about 20kg, lots of room left) 250
Writer’s Kit Two Notebooks (one unlined, one lined), pack of four pencils and four pens 20
Basic Tool Kit Hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench, Steel Ruler (30cm) 100
Nails and Screws 20 Nails, 20 Screws, 20 Nuts and Bolts 35
Sturdy Rope Strong rope, ten meters worth. Will reliably withstand 100kg of force. 50
Grappling Hook Two or three pronged, with a hole on its shaft for rope. 25
Grab-and-Go Meal A meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your first natural 1 during a non-feature dice check, within 1 hour, will count as a natural 5 instead (ability limited to once per day). 10
Field Rations Who knows how long you’ll be out there? These meals do not go bad, are very light, and are not bigger then a small book (Most Poke Marts also sell theses in packs of three for 25). 10

Town Services

Sometimes, a Trainer Recovery Drink won’t do enough- Some Trainers get hit hard. Medics can be found at any sizeable City and usually even in smaller Towns. To repair a broken Trainer can get pretty costly, but what were they doing in the first place to get like that?

Name Effect Cost
Cast Broken arm or leg? These casts should hold you in place for two weeks and mend the break. 1500
A Complete Recovery Sometimes, a Trainer goes far into the negative. If they’re not dead, a Trainer brought to the proper facilities will surely get them back on their feet, after a few days’ rest. 10000
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